Friday Four of a Kind – 2/3/12

Bookleverageblog’s best of the week:

I. – Best Links of the Week:

#1 – I came across this blog post while stumbling around on StumbleUpon.  If you haven’t used StumbleUpon yet, I highly recommend it.  You enter in topics you like and StumbleUpon takes you to sites that fit that category.  I found some interesting sites so far and as for this post, if #3 and #5 don’t make you feel something, I’d be worried.

#2 – One of her most famous posts, Heidi Grant Halvorson’s Nine Things Successful People Do Differently is a must read.

#3 – On a personal note, I came across this story on Twitter.  A fellow book blogger was away at a conference and her house burned down.  Her friends are rallying the community to replace all her books.  As someone who has lived through losing their home to a housefire I can relate to the sense of loss and devastation she and her family are feeling.  Luckily no injuries were reported, but if you can help in any way please click the link above for information.

II. – Best Site of the Week:

If you ever want to see what the net is buzzing about, try  I call them internet aggregators and sites like this take articles that are generating the most buzz online and filter them to one page for your viewing pleasure.  Alltop goes a step beyond by breaking down information into different topics and giving you the option to create your own page that is unique to your interests.

III. – Best Book Discovered this Week:

I discovered and bought this book this week.  For all those out there who consider themselves introverts (and there are many) I highly recommend this exciting new book from Susan Cain called Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.  She not only discusses introversion, but also the cult of extroversion that seems to dominate our current culture and how those two paradigms can and should coexist.

IV. – Best Post of the Week:

If you missed my book review of Atul Gawande’s The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right check it out.  Who knew the lowly checklist could be so powerful in an increasingly complex world.

Thank you for sharing some time with me this week, here’s to good reading and your success.

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