Bmw 6 Series Enthusiast S Companion

Author: Jeremy Walton
ISBN: 0837601932
Size: 18.19 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 43

This title traces the development of the BMW 6 series (manufactured from 1976-1989) along with its sales and racing history in both Europe and US in this detailed volume. It includes a 'Spotters Guide' to help you identify and select the Series 6 best for you.

Bmw 3 Series

Author: James Taylor
Publisher: Crowood Press
ISBN: 1861263171
Size: 13.77 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 34

The current generation, which features family saloons, practical Touring versions, delicious convertibles, and 'supercar' saloons, seems far removed from the earlier cars. However, upon closer inspection the lineage is clear, and the one theme that runs throughout is that these are true drivers' cars. James Taylor tells the story of the design, development and production of each generation, and includes coverage of the M3, Touring and convertible variants. Filled with full specs and production figures.

How To Modify Bmw E30 3 Series

Author: Ralph Hosier
Publisher: Veloce Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 9781845844387
Size: 13.81 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 79

A world of fun, excitement, exploration and satisfaction awaits the owner of an iconic BMW E30 3 Series cars - and this book is your ticket to that wonderful world. Features practical advice, plus explanations of how to start racing and what equipment you need.

101 Performance Projects For Your Bmw 3 Series 1982 2000

Author: Wayne R. Dempsey
Publisher: Motorbooks
ISBN: 1610607902
Size: 14.35 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 18

Since its introduction in 1975, the BMW 3-series has earned a reputation as one of the world's greatest sports sedans. Unfortunately, it has also proven one of the more expensive to service and maintain. This book is dedicated to the legion of BMW 3-series owners who adore their cars and enjoy restoring, modifying, and maintaining them to perfection; its format allows more of these enthusiasts to get out into the garage and work on their BMWs-and in the process, to save a fortune. Created with the weekend mechanic in mind, this extensively illustrated manual offers 101 projects that will help you modify, maintain, and enhance your BMW 3-series sports sedan. Focusing on the 1984-1999 E30 and E36 models, 101 Performance Projects for Your BMW 3-Series presents all the necessary information, covers all the pitfalls, and assesses all the costs associated with performing an expansive array of weekend projects.

Bmw 3 Series

Author: Jeremy Walton
Publisher: Motorbooks International
ISBN: 0947981683
Size: 15.10 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 32

BMW 3-Series: A CollectorÆs Guide By Jeremy Walton. An important work covering all Mark 1 and 2 3-Series cars. Features the still-current convertibles and tourings as well as the high-performance M-3 models; the basis of EuropeÆs most successful racingsaloons. Comprehensive statistical material, history, and excellent profiles of all the cars. Valua ble restoration, production and purchasing information. Hdbd., 9"x 7", 128 pgs., 125 b&w ill.

Bmw E30 3 Series Restoration Bible

Author: Andrew Everett
Publisher: Brooklands Books Limited
ISBN: 1855206781
Size: 17.50 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 62

Produced from 1984-9, the BMW 3 Series' popularity and status is maybe due to the longevity of its design, its ability to satisfy the keen driver or its iconic status but, whatever it is, there is no doubt that the E30 is one car from the past that will stay with us into the future. Focusing on the common faults which crop up repeatedly and giving detailed, simple instructions regarding repairs, this book is uniquely invaluable for owners who wish to try their hand at their own maintenance, especially those who may previously have been prevented from doing so by a lack of technical know-how or specific knowledge.

Bmw 3 Series E90 E91 E92 E93 Service Manual

Author: Bentley Publishers
ISBN: 0837616859
Size: 19.28 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 28

This Bentley Manual contains in-depth maintenance, service and repair information for the BMW 3 Series from 2006 to 2010. The aim throughout has been simplicity and clarity, with practical explanations, step-by-step procedures and accurate specifications. Whether you're a professional or a do-it-yourself BMW owner, this manual helps you understand, care for and repair your BMW.